The majority of the proceeds for the sale of this book will be donated to Project9line, a non-profit organization on Long Island You may wonder how I chose this organization. Throughout this entire process of publishing this book, I have felt the hand of Steve guiding me. I believe, as he did, there are no coincidences. One day, I dropped off some promotional bookmarks for the memoir at my chiropractor's office. I was directed to place them on a counter next to another stack of promotional cards that caught my eye. It was for Vet Stock, an event presented by Project9line to honor all veterans. I wanted to find out more about this organization as Steve and I both sympathized with the plight of our country's returning veterans. Project9line has a unique approach to assist returning veterans who may be suffering from PTSD and depression; they create multiple venues for the veterans to showcase their talent and share their experience through the arts.

What is the significance of Project9line? “9line” is derived from a very important U.S. Military protocol known as “9 line MEDEVAC.” It is a procedure used on the battlefield when placing a call for assistance related to a casualty. A soldier must provide the nine most important facts about the scenario so the most effective help can be sent. I am sure Steve would want important facts of his own story to be told in an effort to help others with mental illness, just as Project9line is helping veterans when they return home. 

Slipped Away 

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