review April 2, 2019
“I had bought a swimming book and Yoga DVD by Steve Tarpinian some years ago and was really surprised he took his life. This book was very informative on recognizing suicide can occur in those suffering from depression and sometimes in an individual we would not expect it to occur. This book is thoughtful, open, informative and definitely worth the read.” review by Eileen Jones Wolfe, January 2019

This book is for anyone who faced with depression and gives warning signs about about suicide. I highly recommend it for anyone. It's a quick read.

Email comment from H. Levin (July 2018):

"I somehow stumbled across your site. As someone who has suffered from severe depression for over 35 years, the site was extremely impactful. - both in terms of remembering Steve and how difficult the struggle with mental illness can be. I watched a lot of the videos and Steve certainly seemed like an unbelievably great guy and I am very, very sorry for your loss. I was also sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with Parkinson's. It is certainly a lot to deal with in a very short period of time. I know it was hard for you to publicly state the cause of Steve's death - there is clearly a stigma against suicide. I am grateful that you decided to go public with the information, as it really shows how mental illness can affect anyone, even those who seem to 'have it all.' And I just wanted you to know that your efforts have clearly reached many , as I have no connection to running or the area where you and Steve lived)"


​ review by Sheila (July 2018): 

“Beautifully written. Insightful and helpful for anyone caring for a family or friend who suffers from mental illness. Each story is unique, sharing not shaming helps us all understand better.” 


​“When I read, I like the story to pull me in; almost as an observer in the story. In a way I knew this book would be hard to read. Mental illness is so devastating to both those who suffer with it and those who love that person. Not only did you write what he dealt with but with what it did to you and everyone he touched. As an outsider you drew me in to his pain and struggle and the efforts to save this beautiful, giving soul. Your love for him, for each other, is on every page. Thank you for sharing this with me. It taught me that it is not only about the person who suffers... but also the ones who need to become their caretaker. I loved every page, every word. I pray you find comfort in the love you shared.”   -- Juanita Clegg Raia  January, 2018


​While surfing the web, I found this review of Slipped Away, written as part of a blog by Jay Kerner. (

“One of the giveaways at the Mighty Hamptons was a book titled Slipped Away.  It's about Steve Tarpinian, who lost his battle with depression in 2015.  His longtime partner, Jean Mellano did a beautiful job on this memoir, which includes a short, illustrated story by Steve, contributions by some of the top names in the triathlon community and look into a life that appeared idyllic from the outside though was often filled with pain. 

 I didn't know Steve personally (and assumed that he didn't know me). However, if you were involved in the Long Island triathlon community you couldn't help but know of him.   At the 2014 Mighty Hamptons race, it was dark and cool prior to the start.  I walked over to the tent marked 'Race Personnel Only' to ask for a cup of tea.  I figured I would be rebuffed as it was, you know, for race personnel only.  Steve turned around and said in a warm, welcoming voice: "Oh, Jay, of course".  A small gesture, maybe, but I can't tell you how good it made me feel. After reading the book I understand why Steve was, and continues to be, held in such high regard.” 


After viewing the Slipped Away video, Teresa Taylor had this to say in October, 2017:

"It's an amazing video, Jean, and he is not only beautiful, but his spirit comes through clearly - the humor, the ability, the strength, the affection, the love...but also, I suspect, some of the sorrow.

I'm glad people got to see this. It's a lesson to be learned in many ways."

I only met Teresa a few months ago and she did not know or know of Steve.


​​​​​A  review by Mary Kate, my 9 year old  cousin, of Mouse in the House, the true short story written by Steve.  The story is included in Chapter 5 of Slipped Away:

"A Mouse in the House is a very cute book. It would be great for a kindergartener who loves animals. The pictures are lively and detailed.  I loved how the mice got to live together in the end.  I definitely recommend this book!"  Mary  Kate, October, 2017


Slipped Away write-up,  by Allison Gilbert, Author, Speaker and Journalist, August, 2017 :

"It is very powerful and such a great testimony and legacy. Beautifully written, the authenticity is compelling as are the multiple voices (featuring a chorus of folks that Steve continues to touch) amid highlighting an array of amazing talents (really enjoyed A Mouse in the House :)) and adventures. Thanks for having the courage and strength to write this. It did draw some tears for me – but that is what great life stories do."  - Dr. John Oliffe, April, 2017;  Professor at the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia, founder and lead investigator of UBC’s Men’s Health Research program,  Dr. Oliffe's research provides key insights to guide clinicians and researchers advance men’s health promotion practices.  He is the nominated Principle Investigator for the Men’s Depression and Suicide Network and the P.I. for Project Five: Man-Up Against Suicide.

"My very first reaction was to be amazed at how insidious and vicious mental illness is - that a person like Steve, who clearly had such amazing mental strength that he was able to push himself to achieve such heights and who was able to motivate and inspire others so incredibly, was not able to conquer mental illness. It stands as such concrete evidence that mental illness is so powerful that it could even defeat a person like him who had such outstanding mental strength - just in the same way that cancer can overwhelm and defeat a physically healthy person. Steve, having taken his own life proves what a "sonofabitch" mental illness is."

​-- Ruth Tepler Roth,April 2017


" I thought it to be a very well put together book. I learned a lot about Steve, and you, that I didn’t know.
It was hugely sad to understand how the disease affected Steve in such a way that I can’t even comprehend. And how this sort of thing can be unnoticed in so many ways and be so devastatingly debilitating!" --
Whit Raymond, voice of XTERRA and 20 year announcer at Ironman Kona, October 2016 


"I enjoyed it. It was hard and also very hard to put in words, but you did an amazing job to keep Steve alive in our hearts and minds. It was really nice getting to know Steve better through your stories." -- Jay Heller, fellow XTERRA Maui triathlete, October 2016


"I just finished reading your wonderful book. I found it powerful and engaging! You have done a magnificent job of putting everything together and sharing your precious moments. I laughed and i cried!

Even though I never met Steve I feel like I know him now on some level. What an amazing man. I think we would've liked each other  :) What a gift to have spent so many treasured years together. He is the real deal as are you my friend. And for you, an ordeal so deep and heart wrenching. I honour you and the courage and moxie required to release to the world Steve's story (and yours) and to share his humility, passion, pain, joy, kindness, compassion, Love and humanity. The scars remain yet the Love you feel for him carries you forward day by day and lives deep in your sacred heart and Soul as you know.

He would be very 'proud' (not in an egotistic way of course) of Slipped Away and how you have co-created a lasting legacy of him while also spreading the message of mental illness to assist and support others. And all while you were/are dealing with the grief and shock of his passing. A major feat!"
-- Les, from Downunder, October , 2016

Slipped Away 


Review from Steph VolpeJuly, 2018

“I don’t even know where to start. I’m sitting here crying my eyes out. Steve was such a beautiful and caring person. Even though I didn’t know him I could feel it through your words and his story and through all the people that he has touched. Thank you for sharing some of your private moments together. I felt the love that you have for each other. The book was absolutely beautiful and it inspires me to be a better person. If you’re ever having a really bad day and find yourself wondering what your purpose is? It’s the book, it’s the fb page. Its letting people that may be struggling with depression know they aren’t alone. It’s inspiring others to be kind. I am so thankful you shared a little of Steve’s journey in life with me. You did an amazing job!”