Steve's favorite car, his 1972 TR-6

Slipped Away


Steve singing Karaoke; full of life and living in the moment; watch the full videos, his smile at the end will bring a smile to your face.

Steve "disciplining" bad boy Budgie

November 2013

Steve created this video for his sister Marian, a song they sang together many times in the past.

Steve was such a kind, gentle soul and had a great love and compassion for all living beings; whether it was the cave crickets in our basement, a baby bird that fell from its nest, the mice that took refuge in our house after Hurricane Sandy or our two rescued rabbits we adopted. 

Eleven days before he passed, Steve emailed me this little video clip of a cute little pig called Bison he came across while in Sedona.  Even during the darkest days of his life, Steve's love for animals still shone through.

2013 Arizona, great smile at end

Steve interviewing Edie Falco at the 2013 Mighty Hamptons triathlon

I think Steve could have had a career in sports broadcasting. He loved to interview people that participated in his company's multi-sport events. This is a clip of Steve interviewing me while in transition of the Carl Hart Duathlon in 2012

Old School Steve

June 2013

I think Steve created this video, inspired by all the pool signs at my parents condo in Florida.

Steve's take on "Talent is Over Rated"