Steve and I loved the artwork and furniture from a company called Sticks.  One could custom design one of their products by selecting themes, imagery and colors that tell your story.   We decided to create a mirror that was a representation of the things we loved in life, both as individuals as well as together a couple.  For the image I posted, I replaced the mirror with a photo of us in one of our favorite places, Montauk

2009, Hike to waterfall on Kalalau trail

Slipped Away review by Andrea Varalli:

"I am so glad you put this together.  There are many emotional moments, but it’s the epilogue that really got me." - Andrea Varalli

 Andrea and Steve go back many years as friends and business associates.  In 2004, Andrea designed the MightyMan Montauk triathlon logo for Steve's company.  He attributes quite a bit of his love for swimming to Steve and the swim is what Andrea really enjoyed about triathlon. 

Although Steve wasn't a big fan of the long swims Andrea did due to  the slight risk of getting too personal with sharks, Steve always said he would want to do the Waikiki Roughwater swim with Andrea one day. 

 Andrea assured me if he ever gets to do that swim, I will certainly hear about it. :-)

Year unknown, probably in Mallorca

2009, Maui,  Steve doing what he did so well, eating 

2010, Steve and I loving the beach at Kihei, Maui

2008, Steve and Pete V. after RJA triathlon

The many faces of Steve

1987, Steve modelling the fruits of his shark tooth hunt.

1987, Steve looking for shark's teeth in Venice, FL.

2010, Dondero's restaurant in Poipu, Steve and I celebrating our upcoming "retirement".

2004, Steve and I at Mighty North Fork triathlon

2010, Steve and I after Tobay Triathlon

2009, Steve chilling with Snoopy after a bike ride 

2010, Steve and I at Jones Beach after cycling on bike path together

10/25/15, Jones Beach AFSP walk

Slipped Away

Through the Lens #20

2009, Hanalei lookout

2010, bad hair day in our back yard

2010, Maui Lavender farm 

2013, Steve and I after our bike ride to Jones Beach.

1983, Steve feeding his 'piehole' as he called it at a NJ quarry where we went diving.

These are a bunch of photos that I love of Steve. It is hard to see he suffered from depression in these pictures. I have come to find that mental illness manifests itself very differently from person to person. In Steve's case, although he suffered greatly at times, I still felt he had moments of true joy that could not be faked in day to day life or in a photo.

Andrea at Tobay triathlon.

Rare photo of Steve with short hair.

Year unknown, probably Mallorca

2009, Steve and I,

not sure of location

2009, Steve nose to nose with Snoopy


Follow your hearts

2013, Steve grooming Snoopy

Andrea the swimmer

2005, Steve and my grand niece Brooke.

2010, Shelter Island ferry, on a bike ride to Orient Point with me