Slipped Away 

Chapter Outline

FOREWORD(by Joe Friel)

INTRODUCTION (Dedication,  my goals for writing this memoir)

CHAPTER  1:  Through my Eyes (Background on Steve and myself; how his illness manifested itself)

CHAPTER  2:  Through the Eyes of a Coach (Musings from Steve's head swim coach on Steve's illness and his impact on her life)

CHAPTER  3:  Through the Eyes of a Student (A short thesis written while Steve was still alive by one of the young students Steve had coached; articulating the great impact Steve had on his life)

CHAPTER  4:  Through the Eyes of the Community (A collection of quotes from people across the country, athletes of all levels that show how Steve had positively changed many of their lives in powerful ways)

CHAPTER  5:  Through his Eyes (Some of Steve's poetry, excerpts from his published and unpublished writings and a short story that he wrote entitled A Mouse in the House)

CHAPTER  6:  Through the Lens (Photos of my life with Steve and anecdotes of our life together and the positive impact he had on the lives of so many)

EPILOGUE  (I say goodbye to Steve)