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Slipped Away

Through the Lens #37

It was an honor for members of the Airborne Tri Team to race in memory of Steve Tarpinian at the 2017 Mighty Hamptons Triathlon




After Steve passed, I gave his paddleboard to Shawn, one of his swim coaches. Steve used the board mainly to coach swimming in open water as it gave him a good vantage point from a safety perspective.  Being the skilled lifeguard he was, he always was a firm believer in safety first  for the Team Total Training swimmers he coached.

Shawn recently shared with me a photo of how he memorialized the board.  I was so touched.  Even though Steve has been gone for over two years, his legacy continues with his swim coaches.  Thank you Shawn for continuing to remember Steve.

2017 Mighty Hamptons

The Paddleboard

Relay: Team Steve



Then and 


22+1 push-ups

That was then, this is now...

The Tobay Triathlon was, one of Steve's favorites since so many members of Team Total Training (TTT) participated.  As such, I reflected on how my view into the triathlon world has changed since Steve has passed. 

Over the years, Steve was usually present at all the local Long Island triathlons, either as the creator of the event, as a participant or there to cheer on the members of TTT.  As much as I hated getting up so early, I would usually drag myself out of bed to be by his side at all these races.  These days, I get to roll over and go back to sleep on race day.  LOL.  

Steve brought balance into many people's lives, including my own.  Now, I try to pay that forward by supporting our veterans (Project9line and Airborne Tri Team) in whatever way I can in Steve's name with the hopes that these veterans can find balance in their lives